Contents, transfer=False, to_mudata=False, **kwargs)#

Import data from Dandelion ([SRB+21]).

Internally calls dandelion.to_scirpy.


Since scirpy v0.13, there are no restrictions on the AIRR data that can be stored in the scirpy data structure, except that each receptor chain needs to be associated with a cell.

The scirpy Immune receptor (IR) model is now applied in later step using the index_chains() function.

For more information, see Storing AIRR rearrangement data in AnnData.

  • dandelion – a dandelion.Dandelion instance

  • transfer (bool (default: False)) – Whether to execute to transfer all data to the anndata.AnnData instance.

  • to_mudata (bool (default: False)) – Return MuData object instead of AnnData object.

  • **kwargs – Additional arguments passed to dandelion.to_scirpy.

Return type:



AnnData object with AIRR data in obsm["airr"] for each cell. For more details see Storing AIRR rearrangement data in AnnData.